Analyzed 1000 papers and 20 topics.

Frequent words
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   Papers per year
Top Cited Papers

Top 50 cited papers are shown among all the papers for given search query.
Year reflects publication year of the original paper.

Top Cited Papers of the Year

For each year we show the paper which has the most significant number of citations in a given year.
Different papers have different colors.

Hot Papers

For each year we show a recent paper which has the biggest growth in citations.
Growth is computed as a fraction of citations count in particular year to the count in previous year.
Different papers have different colors.

Keyword frequencies

For each year we show a number of papers containing most frequent keywords.
NOTE: the plot is slightly smoothed.


Papers similarity

The graph below shows papers similarity network. Similar papers are located closely.
Edges represent co-citations, common references and citations between papers.
Color represents topic, size - total citations number.

Explore papers similarity in-depth in the interactive graph viewer.
Filter papers by keywords and apply different coloring schemes.


Topics summary

Topic is a group of similar papers which share common ideas, describe common features, etc.
Topics are extracted based on similarity between papers based on common references, co-citations, direct citations, and text similarity.
Information about topics - keywords, sizes, publication years are shown below.

Topics hierarchy

Topics are organized hierarchically. Clustering dendrogram with keywords is shown below.